Welcome to our research institute

Technology is shaping the future of humanity. We believe that biotechnology can bring an immense amount of good, but also an incredible amount of harm. Our aim is to push biotechnology, as far as possible, towards the good.

Immunity Manipulation

Biotechnology presents possibly the greatest potential for improving resistance to disease and disease recovery in humans. By manipulating, augmenting and enhancing immune system function, novel biotechnologies can dramatically change the way humans interact with illnesses.

Gut Health

The human gut is home to a plethora of bacteria; both good and bad. The microbiome (the collective term for this bacteria) interacts with body as a whole. Research shows that manipulating the microbiome via probiotics and prebiotics can significantly improve almost every measure of human health and performance.

Cognitive Enhancement

Recent advances in nutraceuticals and neuropharmacology have given us the unprecedented capacity for enhancing cognitive performance. We can now manipulate our brain chemistry to such an extent as to produce measurable improvementsin focus, learning, and memory.


Lengthening the human lifespan has been an obsession of medical science for millenia. While our efforts to drastically increase lifespan have thus far been fruitless, advances in biotechnology appear to be opening the door to exponential increases in longevity.