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The Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future brings you the latest news, views, and reviews from the exciting world of bio-hacking.

We believe that the future of humanity will look very different to its present. As advances in healthcare, diagnostics, biotechnology, and dietary research begin to seep into our everyday lives, the world will start to change rapidly.

The people behind the human future feel passionately about the potential that biotechnology has for changing our lives irreconcilably for the better. That’s why they created this resource. The Human Future brings together all the the most cutting edge research in the field of bio-hacking into one easily accessible place. You can learn more about the team behind the institute on our fellows page.

The articles on The Human Future try to make the scientific jargon more accessible and comprehensible without taking away from their scientific validity, and without twisting the conclusions in such a way that fits a pre-existing agenda.

The fact that the Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future simply tries to present a distilled and unadulterated version of clinical research is, we believe, what marks it out from practically every other bio-hacking website on the internet!

So what subjects do we look at here at the Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future?

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Biotechnology has completely changed humanity; there’s simply no other way to look at it, and no way to put the worms back into the can. As we have learned more about our own biology, we have discovered that there is little we cannot understand.

This is a greater discovery than you might realize. As little as 200 years ago it was believed that cancer was caused by a “black bile” circulating through the body, our understanding of the disease no better than when Galen first started “investigating” it in the second century AD. This was true of our understanding of infection too; Galen’s miasma theory was dominant in Europe until it was displaced by the germ theory of disease in the 18th Century.

Go back just a hundred years, and many physicians spoke about aspects of our biology as though they were innately beyond our grasp as mere mortals. Many bodily functions were shrouded in mystery, as were most diseases (the causes of which were ascribed to everything from bad humors to bad smells).

The gradual acceptance of the scientific method unleashed a breathtaking cascade of discoveries in biomedical science, medicine, and biotechnology. Today, we not only understand how diseases arise, spread, and are eventually beaten, but we are harnessing that knowledge to make the lives of the healthy even better.


Biotechnology is simply the area of biology concerned with using living organisms to make useful products. This area of biology is quickly breaking out of the bounds of caring for the sick (although that is still the most important application for biotechnology).

More and more biological technologies are being created which enhance the lives of all humans. Everything from gene sequencing and highly-accurate health monitoring to pharmaceutical interventions designed to enhance specific aspects of human performance is biotechnology, and the rate at which we are developing new applications for our biological knowledge is breathtaking (see our BioJS registry page for more info).

This brings us to what we see as the most important application of biotechnology; human enhancement.


Human enhancement

Human enhancement is the process of improving different aspects of human performance through the manipulation of our biology and via the application of biotechnology.

We think this is the most under-valued area of biotechnology research. Pharmaceutical and medical research rightly command an enormous yearly research budget; improving patient outcomes and developing cures for diseases should be our top priority. Agricultural biotechnology also receives enormous amounts of funding, which it certainly requires and deserves.

Human enhancement technology

But the development of biotechnology to enhance human health and performance receives relatively little financial support. The creation of products to improve cognition, vision, mood, energy levels, gut health, joint health, and so on is left to small supplement manufacturers.

However, despite having a tiny fraction of the resources of the major pharmaceutical companies, some supplement manufacturers do an incredible job of developing products which greatly enhance multiple different aspects of human health and performance. These are the spearhead of the bio-hacking movement which is quickly making its mark on our society.


What is bio-hacking?

Simply put, bio-hacking is about human enhancement through the application of biotechnology, or through the manipulation of our biology via natural means.

It is the process of augmenting your biology to bring about specific outcomes, be it enhancements in health, performance, or mental well-being.

In other words, bio-hacking is where you “hack” your body to make it perform better.

There are key ways that we do this. On The Human Future, we will mostly be talking about bio-hacking via supplementation and dietary interventions, as well as some lifestyle interventions. Of course, bio-hacking can get much more “heavy duty” than this, with some bio-hackers experimenting with implants, pharmaceutical-grade drugs, and surgery. But on this site, we’ll stick to the kind of bio-hacking that most people can get involved with.

Specifically, we’ll be looking at:

  • Vision enhancers
  • Prebiotics/probiotics
  • Immune system support stacks
  • Other supplements related to human enhancement and bio-hacking

To learn more about bio-hacking, visit our resources page.