L. Andrews

Lauren Andrews is a major contributor to The Human Future. Without her expertise in biotechnology, bio-hacking, or biomedical science, this site would not be able to publish so much scientifically-valid, in-depth information on such a regular basis.

Andrews has a real passion for human enhancement. Since she was a child she has been captivated by people who manage to push their bodies – and their minds – to the limits of what is possible. Whether it is an athlete whose super-human genetics allows them to train harder than everyone else, day-in, day-out for years on end, or the entrepreneur whose tireless work ethic and boundless creativity give us the technologies which make our world so magical, Andrews wants to learn what underlies those talents and harness them for everyone else.

This passion for pushing the boundaries of human performance led Andrews to pursue studies in clinical pharmacology. After gaining her Msc from a British University, she worked for several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around Europe before moving to the United States in 20014.

Andrews eventually realized that her passion for bio-hacking was best satiated by less back-room work; a public-facing role was what she needed to really satisfy her desire to change the way we think about and approach health and performance. This realization is what led Andrews to joint the Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future (this site has the same name as the original institute, founded by Nigel Cameron and Lori Andrews, but it is not the same organisation and we are different people).

By joining forces with Nicholas Cameron, Lauren is able to publish the kind of material she always wanted to; in-depth, scientifically valid articles on bio-hacking that are both informative but accessible to the general public. By helping to translate the cutting-edge of bio-hacking research into plain English, Andrews hopes to do her bit to help change the world for the better, one person at a time!

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