N. Cameron

N. Cameron, or just plain Cameron to everyone he meets, is the spearhead behind the Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future. Although he is not the founder of the original Institute (that was Nigel Cameron, PhD, a distinguished and respected expert on bioethics), our Cameron is about as fascinated by the world of biotechnology, bio-hacking, and human enhancement as you can possibly be. He harnesses that fascination every single day when working on The Human Future.

Cameron first became interested in biotechnology as a young man reading comic books. He was awestruck by the powers that superheroes had access to, often all the result of a freak, human-caused accident – radiation, biotechnological experimentation, or a simple case of mutated genes.

N Cameron

This inspired Cameron to look for ways to enhance aspects of human performance in real life, through the application of biotechnology. Like Nigel, who founded the Institute, our Cameron was driven towards the biological sciences. After graduating with a masters degree in biomedical science, he decided to pursue a career in industry. What that proved too boring for his restless mind, he decided to try and bring the wonders of bio-hacking to a wider audience.

Thus, The Human Future that you see today was born!

Cameron spends the majority of his time researching and writing about cognitive enhancement, although he is also fascinated by sleep. With regards to supplements, he mostly focuses on reviewing nootropics (brain supplements), multivitamins, energy supplements, and sleep aids. These are the areas with which he has the most personal experience and the most expertise.

In the little spare time that running The Human Future allows him, Cameron likes to read, meditate, and work on his rowing. He is a habitual early riser, often getting to the marina to get in an hour of rowing before the sun is fully up. He is a voluminous reader, and of course the bulk of his reading is focused on biotechnology, human enhancement, and bio-hacking.

If you’ve come here looking for information on the founder of Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future, Nigel Cameron, then we think you are best off looking up his institutional profiles. There is plenty of information on Nigel Cameron available online. In brief, Nigel served as President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, in Washington, DC, which he founded in 2007. He is (at the time of writing) Technology/Futures editor at UnHerd.com.

Here are some of Nigel Cameron’s articles and books. All are well worth reading if you’re interested in learning about bioethics and the future of humanity:

  • de S Cameron, N.M. and Caplan, A., 2009. Our synthetic future. Nature Biotechnology27(12), pp.1103-1105. – Full article PDF.
  • Cameron NM. Biotechnology and the future of humanity. J Contemp Health Law Policy. 2006;22(2):413‐423. – Full article PDF.

You can learn more about N. Cameron by visiting his author page on Google Books.

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