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Best Multivitamin For Men 2020: See our rankings!


Men’s multivitamins are everywhere right now. Supplement manufacturers have obviously realized that multivitamins do not all need to be the same, generic product. So what is the best men’s multivitamin on the market today? What does it even mean to design a multivitamin for men? In this article, we explore the men’s multivitamin market in detail to find the best products on sale today.

Multivitamins are by far the most-used supplements in the world; some studies have found that about half of all adults men in the US take a multivitamin. Yet the multivitamins on offer have always been pretty uninspiring. Every product seems to be almost exactly alike; the same ingredients, the same doses, the same forms of each vitamin and mineral.

But thankfully, things are starting to change. A small number of supplement brands are starting to develop professional, high-spec multivitamins designed with specific purposes in mind. Of these, multivitamins for men and multivitamins for women are by far the most popular. These are vitamin and mineral stacks designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of men. Some men’s multivitamins are even more niche, formulated specifically for men over 50, or for men in need of extra energy, vitality, and strength.

With an expanding array of products on offer, it’s worth taking the time to learn what makes a high-quality men’s multivitamin.

After all, every supplement manufacturer claims to make the best multivitamin for men on the market. They can’t all be telling the truth!

That’s where we come in.

Below if our list of the best multivitamins for men on the market right now.

Beneath that, you’ll find information on how we chose the best vitamin and mineral supplements for men, what to look for when buying multivitamins, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Top Multivitamin For Men 2020

We have identified several multivitamin supplements that provide good value for money, high quality ingredients, and a lot of benefits particular to men. Here are our top picks for the best multivitamin for men this year:

  1. Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men
  2. Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin
  3. Smarty Pants Men’s Complete
  4. GNC Mega Men
  5. One A Day Men’s

Let’s go through the list in a little more detail!


#1 – Best Overall: Performance Lab NuriGenesis Multi For Men

NutriGenesis Multi For Men - Best men's multi

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi is our top recommended multivitamin for men for the simple reason that it provides the highest quality ingredients by a wide margin. Performance Lab have a unique production method for their micro-nutrients; they grow them on probiotic bacteria species. This means their products contain vitamins that are at the same time nature-identical and super-bioavailable. On top of that, the capsules are made of prebiotic plant fibers. In terms of attention to detail, you can’t do better than that.

Aside from the unique manufacturing process, Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi delivers an ideal combination of vitamins and minerals for men. You get all of the vitamins and minerals needed for testosterone synthesis, muscle repair, tissue maintenance, and fat metabolism, all at perfect doses.

While this is the best multivitamin for men in terms of quality, it is more expensive than the generic multivitamins you find in the supermarket. The price will put some guys off, but if you’re serious about optimizing your diet for health and performance, it’s worth the extra few cents per day.


#2 – Best Value: Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Men's One - second best men's multivitamin

Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin is often listed as the best vitamin supplement for men, and with good reason. This multivitamin provides good doses of all the most important vitamins and minerals for a man’s health and performance. It covers all the most important bases, delivering generous doses of the micronutrients men are most likely to be deficient in, as well as the key hormone-regulating vitamins and minerals.

We chose Rainbow Light Men’s One as the best men’s multivitamin in terms of value for money because of what else it provides. Rainbow Light have added several blends to their multivitamin stack: a digestive support blend, a “vibrant foods” blend, and a vitality blend. These blends contain all kinds of food supplements that you might otherwise be paying separately for; spirulina, chlorella, greens powders, green tea extract, and a wide range of digestive enzymes.

Now, we don’t think these supplements provide much in the way of actual, measurable benefits. But it is unarguable that many men spend money every single month on greens powders and probiotics. The fact that Rainbow Light Men’s One provides these things on top of a comprehensive multivitamin stack means it represents excellent value for money.


#3 – Best For Overall Health: Smarty Pants Men’s Complete

Smarty Pants Men's Complete multivitamin

This is a relative new men’s multivitamin, but it is already being recommended by many sites as the best multivitamin for men, especially if your goal is to maximize overall health and longevity.

Smarty Pants have done an excellent job formulating their men’s multivitamin. The stack contains all of the key vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining good health. We get standard servings of Vitamin D3, B6, and B12, which means healthy testosterone synthesis, good energy levels, and good bone health. We also get choline to support cognitive function (although not much at all), Omega-3 fatty acids for heart and brain cell health, and lycopene for prostate health.

That said, Smarty Pants Men’s Complete has severe limitations. While it covers more bases than many men’s multivitamins, it spreads itself too thin. For starters, there’s hardly any B1, B2, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, or Vitamin C – the cornerstones of any multivitamin. There’s very little of the extra ingredients too; 12mg of choline bitartrate is tiny compared to the standard dose of 300mg!

This is not a bad multivitamin if you’re a man looking for a supplement to give you a good base; something to top up your diet, or to act as a foundation for your supplement stack. But taken alone, Smarty Pants Men’s Complete doesn’t come close to offering the kind of value for money or benefits as Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men.


#4 – GNC Mega Men

GNC Mega Men men's multivitamin

Mega Men is GNC’s once-daily multivitamin designed specifically for men. GNC actually make several variants of Mega Men; one for testosterone support, one for men over 50, one for prostate health, and more.

Mega Men provides good doses of all the most important vitamins and minerals for men’s health and performance. All the bases are covered here, and with some ingredients we actually get far more than we need. This is always a contender for the best multivitamin for men, and rightly so.

The only reason it doesn’t rank higher for us is that GNC use basic ingredients. Mega Men also contains lots of stuff we don’t want from a men’s multivitamin: amino acids, choline, dozens of fruit and vegetable powders, and useless, unproven extracts.


#5 – One A Day Men’s by Bayer

One A Day Men's multivitamin

One A Day Men’s is a solid multivitamin for men made by Bayer, the pharmaceutical giant. You will often see this supplement listed among the best men’s multivitamins on the market. While we don’t see any reason not to include it in our top 5, we don’t see how anybody ever ranks this as the best multivitamin for men. 

One A Day Men’s ticks most of the boxes. The main problem is the use of bog-standard, basic ingredients; there’s none of the hyper-bioavailability we get from Performance Lab’s products. Then there’s the missing ingredients – no K2, no Vanadium, no Molybdenum. This is probably a cheaper option than the multivitamins listed above, but even still we think it is over-priced for what you get.


Most important vitamins for men

What are the most important vitamins for men? Which vitamins should men make extra effort to consume? Which vitamins have the greatest effect on male vitality?

Obviously, all of the essential vitamins are important for men just as they are for women. You need to consume plenty of Vitamin C on a daily basis to keep your immune system healthy and active. You need to consume Vitamin A, B12, and Vitamin E on a regular basis to keep your body working properly.

But there are some vitamins which are more important for men than women. They are more important either because men tend to be deficient in these vitamins, or because they play a particularly important role in a man’s body.

The most important vitamins for men’s health are:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A

Let’s look at the most important vitamins for men in more detail.


Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is probably the vitamin that men should make the most effort to consume. Few men get enough Vitamin D these days as most of us spend our working days indoors (and increasingly our recreation time is spent indoors too). Our diets have also become less rich in Vitamin D (fatty fish, beef liver, and cheese being the primary sources from food). So today, most men have suboptimal Vitamin D levels. Many are deficient.

This is a problem as Vitamin D is important for maintaining bone strength, regulating testosterone production, and supporting the immune system. Be sure to supplement with D3 rather than D2; D3 is the much more active form of the vitamin, but it is more expensive so generic multivitamins use D2.


Vitamin K2

The vast majority of men consume almost no K2. The only naturally-occurring food sources are fermented soy, goose liver, egg yolks, and a few other foods that are far from common in the Western, modern diet.

K2 plays a number of important roles in the body. Clinical trials have found that higher K2 consumption correlates with reduced risk of heart disease, liver disease, improved insulin sensitivity, and improved brain health. K2 has also been found to influence free testosterone levels in men of all ages. A high-quality men’s multivitamin will provide a healthy dose of K2.


Vitamin B9

B9, or folate, is one of the essential nutrients added to milks, cereals, and other foods to ensure populations don’t become deficient. This is important as B9 plays a fundamental role in energy metabolism; like all B Vitamins, B9 is involved in the conversion of carbohydrates into more simple glucose molecules, fats into fatty acids, and proteins into amino acids.

But beyond that, folate is needed for the formation of red blood cells; some forms of anemia are treated with folate administration rather than iron supplements. It is similarly required for DNA synthesis and repair. In short, B9 is not a vitamin you can afford to become deficient in. Sadly, foods high in B9 (spinach, asparagus, lentils, mangoes, oranges, and avocado) are not particularly prevalent in most mens’ diets. As such, supplementation is usually a good idea.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E isn’t a single compound; it is a group of 8 compounds. The most common you will come across is the tocopherols; these are the Vitamin E compounds most often added to supplements.

As a powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin E supplementation has many beneficial effects on the body. Clinical trials have found correlations between Vitamin E consumption and reduced risk of heart disease, improved eye health, reduced inflammation, improved immune system function, and a reduced incidence of certain cancers.

Vitamin E deficiency is extremely rare (usually owing to an underlying inability to process dietary fats). But that does not mean supplementation isn’t necessary. Having sufficient Vitamin E levels is not the same as having optimal levels of Vitamin E. Increasing your consumption of Vitamin E can improve overall health, as well as improving skin quality and eye sight.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient; fail to consume enough, and you will cease to carry out several vital bodily functions. Of these, the most important is probably tissue formation; Vitamin A is needed for the synthesis and maintenance of bone tissue, mucus membranes, soft tissues, and skin. Because it is so important Vitamin A is routinely added to fortified foods in the US, UK, and Canada: things like milks and cereals usually have added micronutrients, one of which is typically Vitamin A.

Unfortunately, Vitamin A is not a major constituent of the typical diet in the US, UK, or Canada. Foods like oily fish, bright fruits and dark green vegetables are not abundant in most of our diets, especially if we’re just talking about men. So while deficiency is rare in the West today, few men get optimal levels of Vitamin A. Supplementation is often a good idea. A good men’s multivitamin will provide a sensible serving of Vitamin A, just enough to keep you topped up and make deficiency impossible.


Most important minerals for men

Just like vitamins, minerals play a central role in most of the basic bodily functions. From hormone synthesis to energy metabolism, minerals are used in just about every reaction carried out in your body. Some minerals are far more important than others; without enough boron, you can’t make enough testosterone, but without enough calcium, your brain can’t work properly!

Similarly, some minerals are more important for men than for women. Just like with vitamins, the reason these minerals are especially important for men is because they are either typically low in the diet of men today or because they are particularly important for male bodily functions (e.g. testosterone synthesis or supporting cardiovascular health).

So what are the most important minerals for men?

Here are our picks:

  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Vanadium
  • Selenium

Let’s go through these minerals in more detail!



Zinc is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone. Clinical studies have made this relationship abundantly clear – zinc deficiencies reliably predict low free serum testosterone levels. Likewise, many men who have low testosterone and no obvious cause often find that they were deficient in zinc. This is unsurprising given the dearth of zinc in the modern man’s diet; very few of us eat seafood and nuts on a daily basis.

Fortunately, a zinc deficiency is easy to fix. Taking 100% of your RDI for a week or two will give you nice, healthy, testosterone-friendly zinc levels.



Like zinc, Boron is needed for testosterone production. It is also involved in a wide range of bodily processes, from metabolizing insulin to promoting joint health. Boron is actually involved in far more bodily processes than people realize. This is why boron deficiency is such an insidious problem; if people aren’t cognizant of the role boron plays in their body, or about its prevalence in their diet, they cannot know if they’re deficient!

Foods high in boron are not foods regularly eaten by your typical Western man: raisins, apricots, and almonds are not the go-to snack of your average American male. This is why boron supplementation is so useful. A good men’s multivitamin will provide a decent serving of boron.



Like boron, vanadium is a commonly-overlooked micronutrient. The majority of people haven’t ever even heard of vanadium, so awareness of its dietary importance is bound to be low. Indeed, vanadium is not particularly prevalent in the normal human diet; primary sources are black pepper, parsley, dill, mushrooms, shellfish, and cheese.

Vanadium isn’t an essential mineral. That means you don’t need to consume it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important ingredient in men’s multivitamins. The best multivitamin for men will contain a healthy dose of vanadium because it regulates bone growth, cholesterol metabolism, and hormone synthesis. Regulating cholesterol is something all men should be aiming for, and increasing testosterone levels can only bring benefits for most men, especially men over 50.



Selenium acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. Studies have found that high selenium intake positively correlates with a reduced risk of heart disease, reduced incidence of some cancers, improve immune system function, and better cognitive function. This isn’t surprising, as selenium is an essential trace mineral; while we don’t need to consume large amounts, we do need to consume some for our bodies to be able to function properly.

The best men’s multivitamin will need to provide some selenium to support overall good health, performance, and longevity.


What makes a good men’s multivitamin?

Now that you know what the most important vitamins and minerals are for men’s health, you are in a much better position for choosing a men’s multivitamin.

Ensuring that you stay topped up with all of the minerals and vitamins listed above will help guarantee that you stay in top condition all year round. A men’s multivitamin that contains all of these vitamins and minerals can keep your immune system active, your cardiovascular system in good condition, your skin clear, all while boosting your athletic performance.

But that is what makes a good multivitamin for men.

What separates the good multivitamins from the best?

Best men's multivitamins ranked

In our opinion, it all comes down to ingredient quality.

The best multivitamin for men will provide generous doses of all the vitamins and minerals listed above in the most bio-available form possible.

The problem with most generic multivitamins – even supposed specialty multivitamins for men – is that they provide vitamins and minerals in forms that your body struggles to absorb or utilize.

For example, clinical trials have found that Vitamin D2 is nowhere near as bioactive as D3; it doesn’t have the same effects on bone health or testosterone synthesis. Yet most generic men’s multis provide D2 and not D3 as it is far cheaper and few customers know the difference.

The best multivitamin for men is one that provides you with the micronutrients you need in the most bioavailable form.

This is why we recommend Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men. No other multivitamin goes as far in promoting bioavailability as this supplement. Performance Lab’s unique NutriGenesis micronutrient growth process guarantees that the ingredients in this supplement are identical to the forms found in nature, and at the same time, super-bioavailable.


What is the best multivitamin for men over 50?

As men get older, our bodies change in lots of ways. Our joints stiffen, our stamina decreases, our libido dissipates and we find we can’t recover from training as fast as we could when we were 25.

Much of this is down to the natural process of ageing; when we age, our cells are continually being recycled, and as each new generation of cells is produced, the chances for mistakes increases. Age is that gradual accumulation of replication errors, and there isn’t much we can do to stop it.

But we can slow it down!

Best multivitamin men over 50

The best way to promote good health and performance over the age of 50 is to look after your health before 50!

But that might not be helpful to some of you. You want to know what you can do now you are already a man over 50.

So what is the best multivitamin for men aged 50 and over?

The answer is simple; the same multivitamin that was best for you before you turned 50.

Opt for a supplement that provides optimal doses of the most important vitamins and mineral for men’s health and performance. Prioritize multivitamin ingredient quality and bioavailability over everything else and you’ll be fine.


What other supplements for men should you consider?

All men should strongly consider adding an omega-3 oil to their supplement regimen.

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the world, and it disproportionately affects men. Studies have suggested many reasons for this (genetic predispositions, higher testosterone levels than women, diets higher in cholesterol, higher prevalence of smoking and alcohol use, and more). But regardless of the reason, promoting optimal cardiovascular health is always a good idea, and an omega-3 supplement is a quick and easy way to do that.

Men might also want to consider a supplement which specifically supports healthy testosterone levels, especially if we’re talking about men over 50.

Good supplements for promoting testosterone levels include Ashwagandha, D-Aspartic Acid, and Luteolin.


What is the best multivitamin in the UK?

A significant portion of our readers are from the United Kingdom. We are frequently asked whether our top recommended bio-hacking supplements are sold in the UK, or whether the rankings are the same across both countries. In this case, the answer is yes. The best multivitamin in the UK is Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men. Performance Lab are actually headquartered in the UK. So the best multivitamin in the UK is the same as the best multivitamin in the United States.



Do men’s multivitamins really work?

Yes, men’s multivitamins do really work, depending on what you mean by “work”. High-quality men’s multivitamins can drastically improve every aspect of your health and performance by giving you a solid nutritional base. They can very quickly correct any dietary deficiencies that might be holding you back. That said, men’s multivitamins are not going to give you the same noticeable results as nootropics, energy supplements, or vision enhancers.

Is it good to take a multivitamin every day?

Yes, you should be taking a men’s multivitamin every single day. Multivitamins are most effective when use consistently day-in, day-out. The best multivitamins have been purposefully designed to work best when taken daily.

Can vitamins cause weight gain?

Do vitamin supplements cause weight gain? No, vitamins do not cause weight gain. If anything, the improvements in energy levels and food metabolism which result from taking good multivitamins should help you lose weight, not gain it. If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, the problem is highly unlikely to be your chosen multivitamin (assuming it provides vitamins and minerals, not calories).