Bioschwartz Probiotic review

Bioschwartz Probiotic Review: Is it good for gut health?

Bioschwartz Probiotic


Short-term effects


Long-term effects







  • Delivers a fairly good range of probiotic bacteria
  • Contains prebiotic fiber to foster good bacteria growth
  • Reasonable price


  • Could provide a more diverse array of bacteria
  • No dosage given for prebiotc fiber!


Bioschwartz Probiotic is not a bad supplement for promoting gut health. It delivers a decent blend of probiotic bacteria which should, taken together, promote optimal gut health and digestion. It also contains some prebiotic fiber which feeds your healthy gut bacteria. But we have no idea how much of this prebiotic fiber we get, making its inclusion a little meaningless. Bioschwartz Probiotic is not a bad gut health supplement, but it’s not perfect either.

What is Bioschwartz Probiotic?

Bioschwartz Probiotic is one of the leading probiotic supplements on the market today. Most of you will know Bioschwartz as the makers of multivitamins and other health supplements. They are easily one of the biggest supplement brands in the US, known to making reasonable quality products at reasonable prices.

Bioschwartz Probiotic review

According to the bottle, Bioschwartz Probiotic is an “advanced strength” supplement with numerous unique selling points:

  • Shelf life potency guaranteed
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • No refridgeration required
  • Allergen and gluten free
  • Made in the USA

The website goes on to list what BioSchwarz Probiotic can actually do:

  1. Supporting Digestive Health
  2. Restoring Natural Balance
  3. Immune System Support
  4. Promoting Regularity
  5. Boosting Nutrient Absorption
  6. Promoting Healthy Cholesterol

These are all benefits you can expect to get from a good quality probiotic. The best probiotics will enhance digestive health, which in turn iproves most measures of health and performance, from immune system function to cognitive performance.

One thing that does make BioSchwartz Probiotic interesting is that it claims to be “20 times more effctive than other probiotics” – VERY BOLD CLAIM!

The question is, how good a probiotic is Bioschwartz Probiotic? Is this probiotic safe? Is Bioschwartz Probiotic worth the money? Read my full Bioschwartz Probiotic review below nd find out!

Bioschwartz Probiotic ingredients

To properly review a probiotic you need to examine the ingredients list.

Here is the Bioschwartz Probiotic ingredients list as it is shown on the bottle and on the website right now:

Bioschwartz Probiotic ingredients

In case that isn’t clear, here are the Bioschwartz Probiotic ingredients listed one by one with dosages:

  • Proprietary Blend – 40 Billion Organisism
    • Lacotbacillus acidophilus (La-14)
    • Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37)
    • Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04)
    • Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)
  • Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

That strikes me as a standard mix of probiotic bacteria. Most probiotic supplements contain similar mix of probiotics. The dosage and CFU count seems pretty normal too.

What does stand out is the inclusion of prebiotic fiber in Bioschwartz Probiotic. This is not typical of probiotic supplements. Even the best probiotics for men rarely include any prebiotic fiber, despite it being the most important factor in maintaining gut health.

Let’s go through the Bioschwartz Probiotic ingredients in a little more detail.

Formula analysis: My review of the Bioschwartz Probiotic formula

I’m actually quite impressed with the Bioschwartz Probiotic formula for one ver simple reason: it includes prebiotic fiber to feed the new healthy bacteria being introduced.

This is a major mistake people make when using probiotics.
Probiotic supplements like Bioschwartz Probiotic are designed to fix drastic gut microbiome imbalances. They are essentially a huge wave of exogenous bacteria which overwhelm gut microflora and change the composition of the microbiome. However, if the gut is not hospitable to healthy bacteria, the situation will just deteriorate again, and you’ll be back to bloating, food cravings, and fatigue!

In order to reap long-term benefits from probiotics, you need to feed the healthy bacteria with prebiotic fiber; water soluble fibers that pass unchanged into the gut where they act as food for your bacteria. Healthy gut bacteria, like the strains used in Bioschwartz Probiotic, ferment prebiotic fibers, proliferate and thrive.

So using a probiotic without a prebiotic means you are only going to see short-term benefits; without prebiotic fibers to feed on, healthy gut bacteria will just wither and die once again!

That’s why it is so important that probiotics be coupled with prebiotics. And yet Bioschwartz Probiotic is on of the few probiotic supplements that combines probiotic bacteria with good quality prebiotic fiber like fructooligosaccharides.

Fructooligosaccharides are extremely effective prebiotic fibers. These fibers preferentially feed healthy bacteria in the gut, allowing them to thrive while leaving unhelpful bacteria species to starve.

Overall then, Bioschwartz probiotic looks like a great supplement for promoting good gut health. It combines some standard probiotic bacteria strains, in standard doses shown to be effective for easing diarrhea and constipation, along with top quality prebiotic fiber to support long-term gut health.

For optimal gut health over the long-term, I would recommend fixing any acute microbiome imbalances with a probiotic like Bioschwartz Probiotic and then maintaining gut microflora health with a good quality prebiotic.

Bioschwartz Probiotic side effects

Is Bioschwartz probiotic safe? That’s what many people reading probiotic reviews are really looking for; reassurance that a product isn’t going to make any digestive issues even worse!

This is a legitimate concern. In many cases, probiotics can cause or worsen the very problems that they claim to fix, such as:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

Is Bioschwartz Probiotic likely to cause these side effects?

Bioschwartz Probiotic side effects

Really, it depends on how you use the supplement. Probiotics like this one are not meant to be used every single day for long periods of time. Using Bioscwartz Probiotic for more than a few weeks will make side effects more likely. But if you’re using it for just a week or two, side effects are unlikely, as the CFU count is reasonable and there’s prebiotics to help keep healthy bacteria fed.

Please remember that we are not doctors and this is not medical advice. You must do your own research carefully before using any probiotics. If you have serious digestive issues, speak to a doctor before using Bioschwartz Probiotic, as it may make matters worse.

Bioschwartz Probiotic review conclusion: Is it a good gut health supplement?

I have to say that I am fairly impressed with Bioschwartz Probiotic. Compared to many of the best probiotics on the market today, this simple, reasonably priced gut health supplement looks veyr attractive.

Bioschwartz Probiotic doesn’t contain any exotic ingredients to facilitate weight loss or boost testosterone levels like many, more popular probiotics do today. Instead, it combines a standard blend of probiotic bacteria with a high quality prebiotic fiber.

However, we arne’t told how much prebiotic fiber we get in each serving of Bioschwartz Probiotic so it is hard to judge how effectie it will be in the short term.

The end result is far more effective than many top tier probiotics in terms fo enhancing gut health over the long-term.

I still think a good quality prebiotic is more effective in the long-run than even the best probiotic. Probiotics should not be consumed ever day for long periods of time; your gut becomes reliant on them, and your microbiome never learns to self-regulate.

Prebiotics help foster a healthy, self-contained microbiome.

However, if you have some digestive issues that need sorting, then a good probiotic like Bioschwartz Probiotic followed by several weeks of a high quality prebiotic supplement will work wonders.

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