Does Bio X4 contain caffeine?

Does Bio X4 contain caffeine?

This is a very good question. While we did an in-depth analysis of the ingredients list in our review of Bio X4, we did not cover the issue of caffeine in sufficient detail.

Of course, caffeine is not listed as an ingredient on the label of Bio X4. however, that doesn’t mean there’s no caffeine lurking somewhere in the formula. Supplement manufacturers have come up with ingenious ways to sneak all sorts of nasty things into their products to trick you into thinking they work like magic, when in reality they’re just pumping you full of caffeine, or some other stimulant.

Bio X4 caffeine content

This is particularly prevalent among manufacturers of weight loss supplements and diet pills. These companies rely on the fat burning and appetite suppressing effects of caffeine to get the job done. But they know caffeine is dangerous, and they know people don’t want to consume it in large amounts.

So, they hide it as Guarana extract, Tea extract, or as chemical names like Methyltheobromine or 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine.

Sometimes they’ll throw it in with other stimulants to make you think there’s something novel or “scientific” about their product.

There’s therefore good reason to suspect that Bio X4 contains caffeine.

So, does it?

Is there any caffeine in Bio X4?

As we’ve already said, caffeine isn’t listed as an ingredient in Bio X4. But in so many diet supplements like Bio X4, caffeine isn’t listed despite being present in large quantities.

So where might caffeine be hiding?

Clearly, the green tea extract is a potential hiding place for caffeine.

Whenever you see the word “extract” listed on a supplement’s ingredients list, you need to ask yourself what they have “extracted”.

Most good, reputable supplement companies who have pride in their product will tell you the full composition of their ingredients.

So does the green tea extract in Bio X4 contain caffeine?


Almost all green tea extracts will contain some caffeine. How much caffeine you get per serving depends on the purity and quality of the extract in question.

How much is in Bio X4’s green extract?

Thankfully, Dr. Amy Lee has cleared this up for us in a Q&A on Nucific Bio X4’s facebook page!

How much caffeine is in Bio X4?

According to Dr. Amy Lee of Nucific fame, Bio X4 is about 1-2% caffeine per serving. She isn’t very clear here, but we assume that since the probiotic content and the Slimaluma are both naturally caffeine-free, she means that 1-2% of the green tea extract is caffeine.

That means that Bio X4 provides about 2mg of caffeine per serving.

in the grand scheme of things, this is not a lot of caffeine; about the same as a sip of regular coffee! But Nucific should really declare this caffeine dosage on the bottle anyway in case a Bio X4 user is very sensitive to caffeine.

Summary: Does Bio X4 contain caffeine?

Yes, Bio X4 does contain caffeine. Each serving of Bio X4 contains about 2mg of caffeine, which is found in the green tea extract. This is a small dose, but it should still be shown on the Bio X4 label.

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