How long does Bio X4 last?

How long does Bio X4 last?

This is one of the first questions that users of Nucific Bio X4 are likely to ask. After all, when you’re paying the best part of $100 for a simple probiotic, you want to make sure you’re getting some kind of lasting value for money!

While we have tried to answer this question in our detailed review of Bio X4, we think it is worth dedicating a standalone page to this important question.

So just how long can you expect to enjoy the benefits of Bio X4?

How long does it last?

What are the benefits of Bio X4?

Before we look at how long Bio X4 is likely to last, we need to ascertain what benefits we’re talking about!

According to Nucific, and Dr. Amy Lee who supposedly formulated Bio X4, this probiotic is a specialist gut health supplement designed to simultaneously improve digestive health and promote weight loss.

Specifically, Bio X4 claims to help accelerate fat loss, reduce cravings, suppress appetite, and help with weight management.

Is it really effective at doing these things?

Does Bio X4 really work as advertised?

No, not really. Bio X4 is no more effective at promoting a healthy appetite or good weight management than any other probiotic which provides a decent, broad spectrum dose of probiotic bacteria.

There is nothing special about Bio X4 when it comes to stimulating weight loss. The added fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients are weak, under-dosed, and largely just gimmicks. Green tea extract is a weak fat burner, and Slimaluma lacks any conclusive independent proof from clinical trials.

But that is not to say that Bio X4 is useless, or that it doesn’t work at all. This is a fairly good probiotic supplement; it provides a good serving of probiotic cultures, and it uses a nice range of bacteria spcies known to promote a healthy gut microbiome.

Users of Bio X4 will no douhbt experience improved digestive health, less urge to snack, and reduced cravings ofr bad food – just as they will while using any other good probiotic!

So how long do these benefits last?

How long do the benefits of Bio X4 last?

The benefits provided by probiotics are always shortlived.This is because probiotics provide a ‘quick fix’ in the form of foreign bacteria species; probiotic bacteria arrive in the stomach, do their thing, and then leave. So you will enjoy the benefits of a probiotic only while you’re still using it.

In other words, probiotics do not address the fundamental problems causing you to have such drastic microbiome imbalances: lack of prebiotic fiber in the diet, high alcohol intake, high red meat consumption, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

So how long does Bio X4 work? How long does it last?

How long does Bio X4 last:?

Not very long! The benefits of Bio X4 will slowly dissipate once you stop taking it. About 2 weeks after you’ve stopped taking Bio X4, you will probably be back to square one!

This is why we recommend using a prebiotic rather than a probiotic. prebiotics address the root cause of most cases of digestive distress: a lack of prebiotic fiber in the diet. Because prebiotics don’t introduce foreign bacteria species to the gut, they produce far fewer side effects and they can be taken for prolonged periods of time.

Check out our best rated prebiotics for more.

How long does a bottle of Bio X4 last?

If you just want to know how long a bottle of Bio X4 is supposed to last, then the answer is 30 days. Each bottle of Bio X4 contains 90 capsules, and the suggested serving size is 3 capsules per day for optimal weight loss and digestive health.

Nucific say you can increase this to 6 capsules of Bio X4 per day, spread out into three equal doses of 2 capsules. At this dosage, Bio X4 would only last 15 days.

In summary: How long does Bio X4 last?

For 90 capsules, Nucific Bio X4 costs $49.00. The recommended serving size is 3-6 capsules per day. Therefore, a bottle of Bio X4 will last you between 15 – 30 days. The benefits of Bio X4 do not last after you stop taking the probiotic.

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