Stop taing probiotics

What happens when you stop taking probiotics?

What happens when you stop taking probiotics?

Taking probiotics is one of the easiest ways to enhance digestive health. It is also one of the easiest ways to improve overall health and performance; as we explain our our probiotics for men guide, gut health is tightly linked with cognitive performance, immune system function, sexual health, and more.

If you’re an older man struggling with low energy, or a young man who suffers with poor weight management, bad eating habits, or digestive issues, then a good probiotic can work wonders.

But what happens when you stop taking probiotic supplements?

Are probiotics suitable for long-term use?

Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject and find out!

How probiotics work

Probiotics work by introducing foreing bacteria species to your gut.

Probiotics is just a word we use to refer to bacteria species known to be helpful to human health and digestion. For example, a healthy human gut is heavily populated with bifidobacterium species of bacteria; these bacteria carry out very important functions, from creating enzymes to break down nutrients, to protecting the lining of the gut from infection.

When the balance of different bacteria in the gut gets tilted out of balance and in favor of harmful, unhelpful bacteria, serious problems can arise.

So probiotic supplements, probiotic drinks and “healthy” fermented foods deliver “healthy”, helpful bacteria strains to the gut in an attempt to rectify digestive issues and promote various aspects of health and performance affected by the gut microbiome.

Put another way, probiotics work by creating a new balance of bacteria in the gut; one in favor of healthy digestion.

This is a highyl effective way of improving digestion. But it is also why the effects of probiotics are so short-lived. Once you stop taking probiotics, the microbiome will just go back to the way it was and your digestive issues will start all over again!

What happens when you stop taking probiotic supplements?

Whether it’s a probiotic supplement, a probiotic drink, or some other source of probiotic bacteria, the story is always the same: as soon as you stop taking probiotics, the benefits stop too.

Probiotics create a new balance of bacteria in the gut. But bringing in exogenous bacteria strains, including ones not normally found ijn large amounts in the human gut, does not fix the fundamental problem causing you problems.

On top of that, because probitoics bring an unnatural mix of bacteria into the gut, they are not suitable for long-term, daily use. Using probiotics every day can cause issues. So eventually, you’ll have to stop using them, and the benefits will disappear!

For most people, poor digestive health stems from a lack of fiber in the diet (prebiotic fiber to be exact), high alcohol consumption, high red meat consumption, high stress levels, or a lack of quality sleep.

In those cases, probiotics are just plastering over the wounds. the problem itself is not being fixed. That’s why we recommend using prebiotic supplements on a daily basis.

Prebiotics feed your existing healthy gut bacteria without feeding hamrful bacteria. This helps restore your optimal, natural gut microbiome balance without relying on exogenous bacteria species. This is why we recommend using top rated prebiotic supplements to optimize gut health rather than probiotics.

In summary: What happens when you stop taking probiotics?

If you stop taking probiotics, your gut bacteria are likely return to their pre-supplementation condition within one to three weeks. You may be able to get longer-lasting changes by “feeding the healthy bacteria” with prebiotics. Like all living organisms, bacteria need food to survive.

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