Is it good to take a multivitamin every day?

Taking multivitamins daily

The vast majority of people who use multivitamins use them every single day. Every good multivitamin for a man will instruct you to take it daily, preferably at the same time each day.

Most multivitamins are explicitly sold as “daily” supplements.

But is it good to take a multivitamin every single day?

After all, the people telling you to take a multivitamin every day are the manufacturers! They would say that!

Is it necessary?

Is it safe?

Is there any benefit to using a multivitamin every day?

Let’s take a look at the studies and find out for once and for all.

Benefits of taking a multivitamin every day

There are definitely some benefits of taking a multivitamin every day – there’s no doubt about that.

For one thing, taking a multivitamin every day ensures that you are definitely staying topped up with the most important nutrients for overall health and performance.

If you take vitamins and minerals as and when you need them, you will almost always forget at least some of the time.

Most of you will forget to take your multivitamins for weeks on end if you don’t build them into a daily routine. So taking them every day helps ensure you are getting a regular top up.

There’s also the benefits had from the simple fact you’re taking multivitamins. Studies clearly show that vitamin and mineral levels rise after taking multivitamins. Having an adequate intake of key vitamins and minerals is extremely important for overall health, performance, and longevity.

Drawbacks of taking multivitamins every day

Despite the benefits, there are serious drawbacks to taking multivitamins every day.

For one thing, it seems that taking multivitamins every day just isn’t necessary. Most people – or at least those concerned enough about their health to consider a multivitamin – can easily get adequate amounts of key micro-nutrients every day from food.

Think of all the most important vitamins and minerals – Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, B12 and so on. You can get ALL of these nutrients from commonplace, readily available foods. All of your daily requirements for the above vitamins and minerals can be met by just consuming plenty of broccoli, carrots, orange juice, seeds, nuts, and dairy every day. These are all widely-available, cheap foods!

Another drawback of taking a multivitamin every day is that your body actually stores large amounts of important vitamins and minerals for varying lengths of time. You can store plenty of B12, Vitamin A, and iron in the body for long periods of time. You therefore don’t need to be constantly taking more every day.

Should you take a multivitamin every day?

This depends entirely on your current diet, your needs, and your goals.

Multivitamins do not help with the kind of health concerns that your average person has. For instance, a study found that multivitamin supplement do not help protect against heart disease (source).

However, they are not always used to just support health or prevent diseases (which they can’t do).

If you’re looking to OPTIMIZE health and performance, then a high quality multivitamin is probably a good idea.

If you have a very restricted diet, then a multivitamin is almost definitely a necessary purchase.

But apart from that, you might not need one. We have written about men’s multivitamins elsewhere on this site.

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