What vitamins help the immune system?

Vitamins for immune system


Perhaps the main reason people use multivitamins is to help bolster their immune system. That is, after all, how many of us think of vitamins – things which make us healthier, or better able to fight off illness.

However, generally speaking people seem to lack a real understanding of how the immune system works, what vitamins are involved, or how to properly protect themselves from illnesses.

What vitamins help with immunity?

What supplements should you take to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Let’s go through the best vitamins for boosting the immune system one by one.

Vitamins & minerals for immune function

We think the best thing to do is give you a list of the best vitamins and minerals for immune system function, and briefly explain what they do.

What vitamins and minerals help the immune system? Here’s the answer:

1) Vitamin C
2) Vitamin D
3) Zinc
4) Selenium
5) B12
6) B6

Obviously, Vitamin C is the most important supplement to take if your main goal is supporting the immune system.

Vitamin C is extremely important for regulating the immune system. In simple terms, Vitamin C supports several different functions of the immune system at the cellular level. Without sufficient vitamin C, your immune cells can’t carry out the processes they need to in order to do their jobs properly. People with chronic vitamin C deficiencies have a much higher chance of developing illnesses from infections as a result.

But that doesn’t mean you should overlook other vitamins and minerals if you want to have the best, strongest, most productive immune system possible.

Zinc, Vitamin D and Selenium are also involved in various processes that your immune cells need to carry out in order to function and thrive.

B vitamins help promote metabolism at the cellular level; consuming them will help your body get the energy it needs to fight off infections and illnesses.

The immune system is complex. Throwing huge quantities of Vitamin C at it isn’t the smart way to go about promoting immune responses. Take a more holistic approach, ensuring you get enough of all the things your immune cells need to function properly.

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  1. Vitamin C is an essential supplement that helps make your immune system strong. It supports several functions of the immune system and helps you fight against infections.

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