Should men take probiotics?

Should men take probiotics?

You will have probably seen some probiotic supplements out there marketed as probiotics for men.

Many of you will be confused what it means for a supplement to be specifically “for men”. Sure, a testosterone booster makes sense, but a probiotic for men? How can probiotics be specifically designed to benefit men?

Should men take probiotics

This is actually a very astute question.

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as probiotics for men. A good probiotic will help a man and a woman equally. Any product sold as a probiotic for men will probably work great for women too. This is assuming of course that there’s no testosterone boosters thrown into the mix! We’re talking straight probiotic supplements here.

But this raises another question: should men be using probiotic supplements at all?

After all, there are clearly lots of products out there aimed specifically at men, so they are obviously trying to capitalize on a lot of demand for probiotics from men.

What are the benefits of probiotics specifically for men?

Should more men be using probiotics?

Let’s take a closer look at how probiotics can benefit men.

Why more men should take probiotics

We believe that many more men should be taking gut health supplements. While we think prebiotics ultimately work much better for promoting digestive health over the long-term, good probiotics will go some way to helping many men in every aspect of their health and performance.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways probiotics can help men.

Here are some of the key benefits of probiotic supplements for men:

  • Increased testosterone: This one is self-explanatory; testosterone is the male sex hormone, and it is what makes men, men. higher testosterone will increase energy levels, confidence, strength, subjective wellbeing and mood
  • Better prostate health: Some studies have found that probiotics can support good prostate health, which carries over into imrpoving seminal fluid volume and fertility
  • Increased bone density and strength: probiotics both increase the number of bone tissue-building cells and decrease the number of bone tissue-destorying cells in your bones
  • Reduced blood pressure: men suffer with high blood pressure at a much higher rate than women. Adding probiotics to a daily supplement or diet regimen (through fermented foods) would go some way to reversing the trend of men with high blood presure reaching early graves in such large numbers

These are just some of the ways that probiotics can benefit men.

Clearly, men do stand to benefit enormously from increasing their intake of probiotic bacteria. Even for the reductions in blood pressure observed in clinical trials alone, consuming more probiotics is defintiely worth it, as high blood pressure ultimately kills many more men than women.

If you want higher testosterone levels, better bone strength, improved sexual function and better overall digestive health, then consider a good prebiotic supplement. If you already consume large quantities of prebiotic fiber each day, then a probiotic might be the right call!

In summary: Should men take probiotics?

Yes, men should absolutely use probiotics. Taking probiotics can drastically improve men’s health and performance. Benefits of using probiotics for men include higher tstosterone levels, increased bone density, and better mental health.

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